About us

Innovative SME "FALT-Dinamika" was created in April 2010 on the base of the Department of Aeromechanics and Flight Engineering of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (MIPT).

LLC “FALT-Dinamika” is the first SME under the university, created in the center of the Russian aviation science in the city of Zhukovsky. This is the only small innovative company in the field of aviation that continues traditions of largest aviation companies in the technopolis.

Due to the location of the faculty on which the company is based, as well as unique features of the faculty, the work in the company is based on teams formed from faculty staff, professors and students, as well as from scientists and specialists with a worldwide reputation from the leading centers of aviation science (TsAGI and other specialized enterprises in the city of Zhukovsky), each of which is a highly qualified specialist in his/her field.

The products are focused on the domestic market.

The company also works successfully on the international market and has a dealer Agreement with Czech aviation companies.